Zur Feier des Tages 
2017, SCM Hänssler


Das Leben ist eine Boulebahn: Entdeckungen unter südlicher Sonne

Recklinghausen: Schlaue Bücher, 2016 

About Manfred Siebald

While the term "double life" usually has a negative ring to it, some people can be said to live two lives - without being ashamed of it.
Singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Manfred Siebald has been performing in German-speaking Europe and other continents since 1970. So far he has given between 2,000 and 3,000 concerts and released 23 CDs (the last 10 projects produced in Los Angeles). Many of the almost 400 songs he has written so far have been called "modern hymns" and are sung in churches throughout Germany. But he has also written thoughtful ballads that tell the stories of the Bible to a secular audience, satirical accounts of follies found in church and society, love songs that convert large bills of spiritual truth to the small change of human love and partnership, and children's songs for kids of all ages. In short, his songs can be called responses of faith to the promptings of everyday life.
Until his official early retirement in 2012, his other life was that of a professor of American Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany. Though as an academic teacher and author of three books and numerous articles (in particular on the intersections between American literature and Christian faith) he had enough on his plate during the week, he has always devoted his creative energies, on the weekends, to sharing his faith with a secularized world. And since the beginning of his two careers he has donated all the money earned through his concerts to charities and missions in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. He and his family worship at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Mainz.
Look up his concert schedule, the lists of CDs and books and a brief biography, and listen to some of the recordings.